A total of 106 Ogoni Students have been awarded Scholarships in the phase 4 of the Kiisi Trust Foundation Ogoni Scholarship Scheme.

Over 359 applications were received after the application portal for the KTF OSS-4 was opened on the 21st March, 2022.

After due diligence and verification processes, Scholarships were awarded to 80 200 level University Students and 26 ND2 Polytechnics/ Colleges of Education Students.

With the new Awardees, the total number of Students/ Scholars on our beneficiary list is now 424.

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  1. Good afternoon sir/ ma. I want to know, if the Kiisi Trust Foundation (OSS 4) is only for ogoni students in their second year of study. If so, is there (or will there be) any provision for those in final year?

    1. The Kiisi Trust Foundation Ogoni Scholarship Scheme phase 4 is strictly for Ogoni students in 200 level studying in any tertiary institution in Nigeria. Unfortunately, the scheme for this year cannot accommodate those in Final year due to the limited slots available.

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