Started in 2018, the Ogoni Scholarship Fund aims to become a beacon for Ogoni scholars anywhere with the thirst for education and in improving not only their lives but the societies in which they find themselves. The Trust hopes that the Ogoni Scholarship Fund would remain a permanent legacy of the Trust in Ogoniland, expanding to awarding scholarships all along a student’s educational career. When students can successfully earn their degrees, and the process is not burdensome or postponed, our greater society and economy are benefited. When young adults can focus their energy and means on their careers and serving the greater good, rather than paying off loans or having to re-enroll in school after dropping out for financial reasons, we have a happier, healthier, and more efficient working public.

During the pilot phase of the scholarship scheme, the Trust awarded 18 scholarships to final-year Ogoni students in tertiary institutions across Nigeria, to support their work in producing their dissertation projects. In the second phase of the scholarship scheme (2020), the Trust awarded scholarships to 124 2nd year students, 23 3rd year students (a bonus package not initially planned for at the beginning of the second phase of the scholarship scheme), and 199 Final-year students. This was made possible by incorporating some of the lessons learned on outreach and communication from the pilot phase of the scholarship scheme that resulted in over 600 applications received in 2020.