Institutional Support


Institutional support


The need to execute the true mandate of the original grantors to the Trust has led to a more expanded strategic approach that focuses more on long-term planning and sustainability, targeting larger organizations and institutions with a mandate to serve Ogoniland, resulting in a bigger impact and reach of funded interventions. Institutional core grants/support to institutions central to Ogoniland is key in building strong, autonomous institutions that have a lifespan beyond the funding from the Trust. Support to these institutions, who provide service to the majority of people in Ogoniland (e.g. community primary/secondary schools, ICT centers, health facilities, etc.), leverage on their long-standing presence in the community, ensuring that service is not duplicated and where support from the Trust is verifiable and easy to monitor. The pilot project under this policy thrust of the Foundation is to support the provision of power alternatives to a health facility in a rural setting in Ogoni. While project/institutional support to organizations constitutes the majority of the work of the Trust, the Trust also has two other programmatic areas – professional development and skills sharing for young Ogonis through the Ogoni NextGen Internship program, and advancing the educational careers of Ogoni students through the Ogoni Scholarship Fund.